Sota is made with healthful and healing ingredients like herbal tea, adaptogens, real fruit extracts and trace minerals. The word ‘Sota’ is an acronym for Sparkling Organic Tea and Adaptogens but in addition to healing herbs it’s made with 10+ functional ingredients, organic fruit extracts (no chemicals here!) and trace minerals to help with absorption. Sota is refreshing, bubbly and will satisfy and quench your thirst.

So what makes SOTA so different?

If you’re used to drinking bubbly water with “natural flavours”, have you ever truly wondered what those are? Natural flavours unfortunately are not as natural as you think. The flavour itself may come from a fruit or plant but the base is likely propylene glycol, food grade antifreeze, but not all is lost! There’s another option! Sota! And it’s SO GOOD. 

Sota started with the idea to be an alternative to flavoured waters. A beverage that truly sparkles. One free from sugar, sweeteners, colours, misleading ingredients but also full of beneficial and organic herbs, fruit extracts and trace minerals. As we say “bubbles with benefits”!

Not only are Sota’s ingredients so beneficial but we’ve added adaptogenic herbs that contribute to overall wellbeing. This is a welcome addition into our busy and somewhat stressful lives of today. Our mission has always been to create wholesome products that we would look for in the grocery store, and want to share with our family and friends without reservation. We put a lot of time into formulating our recipes and can’t wait for you to try our first 3 flavours: Calm, Refresh and Focus. 

Ditch the soda and try a Sota! Then leave a review and let us know what you think 😉 

What are adaptogens ?

Adaptogens are a classification of herb/plant that help the body adapt to different forms of environmental, physical and emotional stress. In todays day and age we can all use a little help! So try a refreshing, bubbly beverage that’s formulated for mind and body.
Try something that truly sparkles!