SOTA Story


Making the switch from professional sport into the “real” world is never easy. When you do a sport for so long, it becomes your world, your community, and ultimately a big part of your identity. Finding who you are without itʼ can be, to say the least, challenging. When Shoshauna & Will started Healthy Hooch Kombucha immediately after retirement, they hit the ground running, and it was the best thing they could have done. It gave them new purpose and new goals in an area that they are truly passionate about. Health.

Will grew up as a mountain kid in Whistler, and Shoshauna grew up in the Fraser Valley, and over their 17 years together, theyʼve always shared a love for sports, the outdoors and food. They were lucky enough to train and race all over the world for more than 10 years together, and they spent a lot of time in grocery stores, cooking healthy meals, and looking for healthy alternatives on the road. They spent years researching health products from across the world, unknowingly adding to a much needed future knowledge base. In 2013 they bought and renovated an 80-year-old farmhouse in Abbotsford. They continued to race full-time and dabbled in organic farming, growing a plethora of fruits and vegetables, distributing berries, raising pigs, chickens, and cows. They naturally found themselves thinking like entrepreneurs, and starting a business was the next step. So they took the plunge, retired from sport and started a beverage company in the fall of 2016. Over the last 5 years theyʼve moved, scaled up, started growing ingredients on their farm, they have 4 different brands: Healthy Hooch Kombucha,Thrive Remedies, Whistler Elixir and Sota, theyʼve been through a catastrophic flood, and have faced countless hurdles, but they have nothing if not perseverance! Will and Shoshauna are motivated and ambitious to a fault, but with that comes a passion for always being and doing better. That is something they stand by and promise to themselves and the people that love and trust their products.